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We are Single working Men

Good Evening All,

Yes Ladies!  

This one is about a man, may be your friend / colleague or even your younger or elder brother  or man whom you may be dating.

 We girls know we have been surrounded by plenty of men with different lifestyle but this one is about Their secret sneak peek . No, I am gonna talk about what you Girls are imagining rite now. No Blush! 🤣 This one is about a man who is between the age of 25 to 30. This one from tales of my guy friend . I felt this is what all men undergoing so Let us have a small walk and Talk with this Guy friend of mine. 

imagesMr.X.Single  Handsome 5.6 FT Guy with a slight curly hair, well  groomed, Earning for life ,lives in a joint family. His day never started with a coffee or a tea. WHAT !!!! 😱 friends was everything” Was” . Been more than couple of years with this guy friend. so as all other men  just as conflicted, confused, bewildered, and wanting-to-be-happy-in-love-and-life as women are. we’re all people, with a lot of the same wants and needs, even if our genders are different.😉. He is single. I have seen his party Life, Friday nights, His Laugh will make you laugh as well only when he is drunk or else you may need to pay him to get to see that laugh back.

He is under an impression like ” you Girls are lucky”. yes Girl. I know you Disagree to this. But i need to agree because I know what pain he is undergoing.

At his Best buddy wedding  I asked him ” Why aren’t you getting married yet? You are settled, Handsome.”Unsure of what I meant, exactly—compliment or insult; I felt like awkwardness to a situation that He  felt a bit strange. He gave a sign of sigh . He answered me  ” It’s not my time yet”.

My mind voice “Men have a shorter life span than women, which creates a pool of single men past the age of 30 that is significantly smaller than that of their female counter parts”When he told i was able to figure out that  He was that one of the guy who wanted to  live by himself in adulthood, who became used to living in a certain way. who become, worst case, interactable, but the negative side is that he has not given an opportunity to figure out what he likes, what he wants, and also work towards achieving it on his own—education, career, self-actualized life. That’s wonderful He dint do anything because He is bought up in a so called orthodox family .


so one day i made him  answer my question in order to make him realize that MAY BE HE NEEDS SOME OPTIMISTIC PERSON LIKE  ME TO TALK TO and why his he living so low life .I told him prior that i wanted to ask him something.

we took a chai and we parked the car and stood outside the car. He was leaning towards me and  took his Cigar , lit it up and looked at me . His look  was a hint for me to shoot my questions. 

I asked But y? 

Mr. X replied, my dear I am not the same person who was  at my 21. I am at the age of battling where the hell I want to settle down, Confused with whom to spend rest of my life, Fighting to find my own self, Finding time for me to escape and get that time of my own. Yes, I am kind of boring.Oh right . The truth is when more than half of my friends got girlfriends and being busy.That is when i realized that working 6 days a week is really fucking tiring. A beer and the couch VS a night out on the town with my girl that involves spending money, Time and attention… A beer and the couch wins. And i was jaw drop 🤷🏿‍ .


Hey You have a Girl friend ? ” 

Mr. X was like with a small smile “yeah, but after college, having a girlfriend isn’t all that bad. I mean, it’s someone to make you dinner, clean up after you, and take care of you. Not to mention, a lot of my friends are like wifed up already on… His answer was like 🤞🏾 .”How did you met her?” Mr.X was like ” It was a hunt”Mid-20s guys might not admit that they’re on the hunt, but they constantly are. 

so you are settled. Aren’t you.” How wealthy are you ?” 

Wealthy. With a sarcastic yet a naughty smile.He was like ” Guys in college drink beer out of cans. Guys in their mid-20s drink beer out of bottles. Cheers 🍻 “


” What is wrong with your fashion? Are you bored dressed up with those Ripped jeans? 

He looked at this formals. He said after college, guys start dressing like real people. No more ripped t-shirt, jeans, and old sneakers combo at the bar. They wear button downs and dress shoes. It’s like when did we start caring? . We no more like to be dressed up freak and want to look matured , Decent and clean. “

why dont you hit the gym? 

He giggled and told me “My dear girls! our body is going to change. Whether its due to having children or not having enough money for a gym membership, you’re not always going to look 20. Your body is supposed to change, just like everything else in life does.”

” How about you in your present relationship ? 

“Yes. I am serious. men like me. we  get to know some of them and genuinely care about them. However, that doesn’t mean we are not going to fuck them over. We wil. Unless we think we’re not going to marry you, we’ll cheat, we’ll lie, we won’t call you back. The difference between Men’s emotions in college: we actually feel bad now. “

How Open are you with your family?” 

” Zero. Actually I find no time for them. And they got enough of me. so they stopped caring for me. It’s some where like i Live in a House of wax . Neither i show emotions nor them. so i prefer living and spending more time outdoor and I just come home to stay over night everyday. You know you live for free and eat for free a while.” He went silent for a moment.


But aren’t you living in a joint family. Isn’t that cool !. 

He told that it was cool when he was small but at the adolescent age It’s a nightmare. “You can no more  walk with your boxers, no more time alone in closed rooms, No more shirtless Looks, No more Split up legs on sofa, No more roaming around home with towels, No more coming home in midnight you know other are sleeping. And no more fun talks because it may not sound funny to others.”

So are you Happy?

 I have no choice .I am born to take responsibility. I am born to take pressure not to cry on the burdens. yes, I am a single working Man with a big smile. His smile meant that After the storm he is expecting  a silence . I gave a sigh look and Mr. X looked at me told this is not just my life but all the men at my age. This would be life, This would be the life forever from the age of 25 onward crucial period tensed about My future wife,  building my own house, Clearing my debts, Convincing my parents to take the girl of my choice, saving some money, making my parents happy ans so on.


I was like so you are not Happy rite 😔 and he asked me that whether i am done with my cup of chai. I told yes. Then the Reply he gave me made me feel low on myself because what i thought was a prejudisatiom of  the person ,whom i knew these years and that moment i felt pessimistic. He threw the chai cup and turned towards me” I choose  to be Happy. Am happy 😊 am in the age where your mother can no longer be responsible for your choice of clothing, Whether its playing or watching, you can do what you want. No more being made feel guilty for cancelling your big show.Not everyone is going to like you and if you think that it’s possible to be universally liked, you will kill yourself trying. I am going to fall on my face multiple times. This could be from a relationship or job or Finance really anything, but it will happen. You have to brush yourself off and learn from your mistakes.I found my person, she is perfect to me but aren’t going to be perfect for my family. Your relationship or marriage will be hard sometimes. It isn’t about thinking someone is perfect; it’s about knowing that they are perfect for you. You need to marry your best friend, not your “dream” man or woman.And i am gonna marry one. Probably you going to see me like a different person after  years and . It’s most important that you remember who you are in your heart. Love freely. Move towards your dreams. Accept imperfection and realize that life will get messy, but it’s a beautiful mess and it’s all yours.”


so while driving back i felt this is what all men choose to be even though they are like under pressure always. They choose to be one smiling around with a bottle of Beer or a chai with friend like me. This Guy friend of mine changed my perception towards the “SINGLE WORKING MEN” and He is optimistic by Birth 😊😊😊


Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear all,

Thought of writing this since so long , was looking for  a right time and right platform. The year coming to end and looking forward to 2017. Let us start with a lovely Note . When ever, i sit with my mom she used to talk about plenty of stuffs .But this one topic, she would talk to us from bottom of her heart.That is how to behave as a good daughter in law when they end up giving us to Another family. so today this would be a shout out from all mother’s to the New bee family.

Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear Another Mother,

Hope you are doing Good. I am Excited that we are going to be one single family. Equally scared as well. This pretty cute Little smiley girl ,whom i am sending to your Home is our pride, our precious, our wealth, our everything. when she will be married, she is barely in her twenties and for every girl at this age, Marriage is fun, clothes, jewelry, shopping, honeymoon and enjoyment.  she would dream of a house of her own which she would beautify in the style she fancy; she dreamt of a life where she would feel liberated and uncontrolled and where she would actually work as a grown up; she dreamt of a life where she would take her own decisions and to be honest, she dreamt of a life which would be like “MY LIFE”


                  But ,I have taught her not to expect the life to be a bliss. I have prepared her for the betterment, for the worst, to adapt like a water to take any shape and behave like a sea shore who can only whisper.This doesn’t mean the new home can be a Nightmare but letting her know that it is another life. she would start her New life with her habits changed for life. Because she is no more only mine. she was my and papa’s princess whose each demand was fulfilled earlier than raised. she was free to do whatsoever she wanted…and we had confidence in her that she won’t do anything immoral. But why…then one day…when she was married she should not feel like she is separated from me and  let her to a enter a new world.

               Now I am letting her to hold the hands of the man of her choice. The man whom she is considering Honest, Humble, Handsome and who I think will take care of her like we do. she is entering into  the world of strangers where the lone connecting link will be your son her husband. we are going to love him  a lot because what my daughter will reflect the happiness what he gives to her. I must believe that when she is  marrying your son, it means he is already mature enough to take his own decisions..He will be respected and treasured  from our  bottom of My heart.…just like my Husband. And so…somewhere…I am seeking my Husband, her father in your son.


              We give her the confidence that she would be treated like your own daughter, she will be given importance while making decisions, her words would matter. I have promised her that  “you would be Another mother ” . Yes! My Daughter gets tired, pissed off sometimes, her mood might go low, She may not tolerate pain when she is on her first day of the month, she needs help from elders like us sometimes,she might act foolish, crazy, she might dress up too casual in walking around with her pajamas and messy hair, she might add up little more spice or salt to the food nor burn out couple of  chapatti.



But I promise you she will be a wonderful daughter other than few flaws. I dint grew her up flawless, I had  punished her when she committed mistakes and have convinced her with few lovable words. Hug Her, when she makes good food for you, you dont know that she had never ever entered kitchen in my house. she loves talking a lot  but now i have prepared her to listen more to you, do have a chat with her casually. Religion was not forced into her but I have taught her what is required, you could teach her more as well. Give her sometime to rest on and have her time, you never knew she had spent hours in my home . she had kept her door closed and had her  sleeping moments. Allow her to take decisions but if she is wrong ,do tell her . I have taught her to listen and analyze any situation after all she is grown up and matured woman.

           “She is looking for me in you ” and i have promised her that you could even be more better and loving than me. In Sha Allah

              As in this modern world i dont want my daughter telling me that why  son is intended to be with his mother for his entire life and My girl cries for the need of the lap of her mother. I believe in you and your son. I have grown my daughter like how  you had grown up your son. Take care of her.


I here by full heartily giving away my precious little princess to your Home. May she pass all Happiness, wealth, Health, Good manners, Your future generation into your Home. Please provide her all necessities as she is no more mine but Ours.


                                                                                                                                 yours Lovingly,

                                                                                                                          Mother of your Future Daughter


Questions People Will Ask When You Wear A Hijab

Hello Ladies & Gentleman,

Assalamu Alaaikum!



This post, I guess its for all of those who wants to ask people with Hijab. I have came across this everyday .I was born and raised a Muslim, but was given the ability to discover and explore this religion for myself. I started wearing hijab constantly since a year and so people who have seen me without Hijab always questioned me. sometimes I often get asked strange, sometimes rude, and weird questions. so today i will be sharing those questions and answers of Hijabs. so these were few of them

1. Aren’t you hot with it on?

Yes Yes. I would be even hotter if I took it off. Ha Ha Now you know it . This is one mandatory question .

2.Will your dad beat you if you take it off?

My Dad would beat if i Dress up differently something Body hugging and sexy .Hijab is a personal choice I make every morning when I put it on. No Body would ever lay a hand on me.

3. Hijab should be only in black ?

No, not really. Hijab is a piece of cloth you need to cover up your precious properties that you are gonna let own by your man. It has to be Loose, not transparent and should not reveal your body shape. I personally dont like to be a Display Doll on the streets. Mind it their are many window shoppers out their.



There is nothing in asking question but there are those few people who are completely ignorant and will not listen to what anyone says about things they have been brainwashed into believing. However, there are many  who are thirsty for awareness and understanding or have a genuine curiosity about things they are unacquainted with.

When i questioned them back  people have said they do not want to make us  uncomfortable by asking a weird question or making a comment about something they are not really informed or fully educated about.

Here are the few questions which i like to ask people who are ignorant

Ask me why I wear it. Ask me about my religion and what it tells me about covering my hair. Ask me if it gets hot in there. Ask me if my parents forced me to wear it or if it was my choice. Ask me how I wrap it. Ask me where I buy my scarfes. Ask me what is the point of wearing it. Ask me my opinion on wearing it. Tell me your opinion. Share your thoughts about the cloth that covers my hair. Tell me if you love it or not

When i was in Dubai, even you wont see all wearing Hijab . I found myself with wandering eyes of Beautiful Hijab women with Radiant face.Never had I seen women look so comfortable with themselves. They walked with the confidence , each woman exhibiting such depth of character in their confidence, my mother included, that I now wanted to Reflect their strength too.

so yeah i felt that moment that “My hijab felt like to me not a burden or a veil or a mask; Hijab was my armor.This is what my religion has emphasized”

so my dear Ladies walk with pride ☺🖒



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Hunger Hunt of the week

Hey Foodie,

yes, we are back with yet another restro which would soon be my  Hidden Gem. This time time for Dubai. Newly opened and decently crowded enough with some spacious Indoor and enough outdoor space.

Couple of days back me and my Partner in crime had a debate in the car about food. And we had a  very little time left out as we were nearing 12 in the weekend. Now on the JBR road with all confusion we had our zomato as a guide yet couldn’t come to a conclusion. suddenly popped out ” Downtown cafe ” . Yup we decided and mutually came to a conclusion and landed straight to Karama. Time 11.20 pm.

OK. Honestly we couldn’t find anything in zomato as all were praising the food but not in particular what to try out. The menu was Lil confusing yet convincing as ,i was impressed with the presentation of the Menu. so after 15 min of wandering eyes between the menu, pricing and the interior we called out for Assistance. we decided what to have for the night. Chicken zinger burger/ beef burger, Chick la we (not sure of the name ) but it was one of their specialties Dishes and we ended up with some HOT SIZZLING BROWNIE .

so Let’s rate them

Ambience : Excellent.

service : Good (Nothing out of the box)

Family room : no (VIP Area i guess so )

Buffet :nope

Non-veg : yes

Bar : NO

cost : 70 for Two person


Special : Been only once but heard their Milk shakes and smoothies are extraordinary


so Chicken , beef burger was Normal extra add on was some broccoli. CHICK LE WA was a out of box as this was fulllllllllllll of Chicken in fact it was sauced up with Avocado bedding and cheesy topping. You would be drooling i Know. Sizzlers brownie was Mouth watering as it would a fountain of molten chocolate and vanilla scoop. Taste bud was fighting between the Hot and Cold fillings. Our bill came up to our surprise it was 95dhm only. Now it just not fill our tummy but our Hearts too… Loved it.

Must try for sure. Do visit with your family and if so please try something different and let me know.








The concept of Islamic clothing


Today we will be discussing on a core topic that is Islamic way of dressing  which leads to  no standards or nothing that Muslims must wear. However, some minimum requirements must be met. I am still learning to dress modestly and I have researched and these into account

More importantly what i learn t in time is, one must be modest in behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public

so let us discuss on it

1st Requirement: What parts of the body are to be covered

For women: In general, standards of modesty call for a woman to cover her body, particularly her chest. The Quran calls for women to “draw their head-coverings over their chests” (24:30-31), and the Prophet Muhammad instructed believing women to cover their bodies except for their face and hands.

For men: The minimum amount to be covered is between the navel and the knee.


2nd Requirement: Looseness

Do not shape it up . I hope you understand what i meant. Never distinguish your shape of the body.Skin-tight, body-hugging clothes are out, for both men and women.


3rd Requirement: Transparency

The Prophet Muhammad once warned that in later generations, there would be people “who are dressed yet naked.” See-through clothing is not modest, for either men or women. The clothing must be thick enough so that the color of the skin it covers is not visible, nor the shape of the body underneath.


4th Requirement: Overall appearance

The overall appearance of a person should be dignified and modest. Shiny, flashy clothing may technically meet the above requirements, but defeat the purpose of overall modesty. example Attraction is the keyword.  EXAMPLE : People complain here in Dubai that women wear Abaya but their makeup pulls all the attraction towards their face. So dear girls keep it a nude makeup. The meaning is true.


5th Requirement: Not imitating others

Women should be proud of their femininity and not dress like men. And men should be proud of their masculinity and not try to imitate women in their dress. For this reason, Muslim men are forbidden from wearing gold or silk, as these are considered feminine do not dress up imitating another famous personalities or another gender.

6th Requirement: Decent but not flashy

The Quran describes that clothing is meant to cover our private areas and be an adornment (Quran 7:26). Clothing worn by Muslims should be clean and decent, neither excessively fancy nor ragged. One should not dress in order to gain the admiration or sympathy of others.

Beyond the Clothing: Behaviors and Manners:

Islamic clothing is but one aspect of modesty. . Dress is only one aspect of the total being, and merely reflects what is present on the inside of a person’s heart.

For more such topics do follow the link below

topic credits :



My Hijab and Hair fall



Fine . I completely understand your problem because i also travel in the same boat. Ladies! we can be Hijab lovers and we actually take care of our hair from pollution, heat, dust but ultimately we sometimes take it for granted. Yes, our Hair  need to breath so let us learn and share some useful tips on how to take care of your Hair form becoming frizzy and lifeless.

The day, I decided to start wearing my Hijab what i noticed was i started taking less care of my hair as you know i am no more flaunting . Lol. So the result is Lifeless frizzy Hair , thinning,Hair fall even a bald spot. I t started sounding like a boring affair for me. ALARMMMMMMMM.

So that was the day i started what change in my lifestyle bought up this root cause for my Hair loss. so i just researched and got some useful tips which honestly helped me.

so that was how my  Hair was looking still was looking healthy


Here are the few Useful tips that we all must have in mind

  • Make sure not to wrap the scarf over your hair tightly. so that we can prevent your scalp from breathing, which leads to dryness, itchiness and future dandruff.
  • Make sure to wear a bandana under your scarf to act as a protective layer if you decide to use any other fabrics like nylon and polyester
  • Try to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or a bun under hijab. Pulling your hair tightly can weaken your hair strands and lead to hair fall.
  • Always try to change the way you part your hair from time to time. This prevents your front hair line from thinning and falling by time. This one i totally agree.
  • Brushing your hair which is also another stuff we tend to fail like me. This is important as blood circulation is must for Hair growth.
  • When you arrive home, it’s always better to untie your scarf immediately and let your hair loose for an hour or two.
  • Massaging your scalp is the best way to maintain healthy hair with hijab, as it stimulates blood circulation and prevents dryness. Make sure to massage your scalp in a circular motion using natural oils daily for five minutes.
  • wash your scarf’s using dettol as i might have accumulated lots of dust, dandruff and sweat

I religiously following all these and i am seeing the effects. Hope none of the above is going to cost us any single penny and all we must do is think about our poor hair under those Scarfs. I Believe this would have been useful for all thsoe beautiful Hijab squads of mine. Love you all….

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Travel Tips and Hacks

Hello Folks,

It is Going to be Winter soon and I am more than excited because of My Vacation.  That Month of the year before your Delivery due , wedding, Birthday and YES ” VACATION ” Aren’t they special ! So Yes, today we will discuss different Hacks and Tips for saving your precious time and money while you are in that Excitement of meeting your loved ones.



These are some of the tricks i  have tested and I  Love to follow these religiously for every short Road trips to long staycation



 TO do list


It might sound like an Old Grandma recipe note but yes everyone,this one like is a lifesaver. so whenever you feel like you need to do something before vacation or reminding yourself to take something for your loved ones, please write it down in your to do list and Hang it or stick back of your main door. so every day you would end up noting down something or the other on that note. Ultimately, you are going to add on strike it out when you have done those do list.A mobile app like Packing Pro can also allow you customize packing lists and add reminders.

Packing Jewellery:


We all want to look glamorous on our travels, but packing jewelry can be a huge pain. No one wants to spend their precious travel time detangling their favorite necklaces or searching through toiletry bags for a lost earring. so My favorite Hack is you could invest on the cheaper version of multiple storage cases and For the chain jewellery Save your jewelry from tangles and knots by slipping a straw through the ends of dainty. I am damn sure you may not be new to this Hack. Google it and Learn it today.

Makeup packing hacks :

Make packing that bag a piece of cake. These tips could potentially change your life or at the very least, your luggage space specially for your Makeup products


1.Fill the straw with skin care products and seal them using lighter at both the ends

2.Old sun glass cases can be reused to store chargers

3.Use a clip to protect your razor blade

4.Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation

5.Use earbud to scrap some eyeshadows and secure it in a  small zipper case. ollaaa!! you are done.

Other Tips and Hacks

  • To maximize the space in your suitcase, roll your clothes.  This ensure you have more room and also your garments will  have less wrinkles. Another pro tip is to fold similar items together to avoid creases, such as two pairs of pants or skirts.
  • choosing your clothes wisely.For women, dresses are a good inclusion as they are easy to wear during the day and then can be dressed up at night. For men, a wrinkle-free pair of chinos or jeans will also do double-duty for day and night.
  • Shoes they need a lot of room in your suitcase, so Only bring the shoes you will need to avoid unnecessary bulk and weight in your suitcase. And use the space in your closed toe shoes to roll underwear or socks to avoid shoes getting crushed and also to create more room in your luggage.
  • Last but not least If you are traveling with multiple gadgets, take a power board to charge your appliances as there is usually only one electrical outlet in hotels or cabins, as well as an electrical converter and adapter for the country or region you are traveling in. Bring extra batteries for any battery powered items.

So guys Hope these  Tips and Hacks might help you for the upcoming staycation and If you would like to add any other  tips do share in the comment box below.

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Love & Cheers,


These are last week cherishing memories

We went on to a sports Bar for watching a football match And I wore a black plain deep neck top with a short stripped cropped palazzo with Just Cavalli scarf. I did Accessorize it by going on with a stone studded statement neck piece and My fav Nerdy Glasses.

My way to office with my Black Long sleeve cardigan and a Leopard print Hijab. It’s Autumn season but still Dubai can never go out of those sunny days so I matched with a gradient tint New Look sun glass