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The Night walkers “Episode 1”

Hey Loves!

Today we will be on a New Series post called ” The Night Walkers ” Lol. yes, I said it and you heard me. It will be basically a post about my weekends as you all know I work 6 days in a week  . I would never give up on My weekends. I have my bunch of friends and we 5 are partners in crime. so, let me introduce my crazy bunch.



Friday Morning

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!! you got it. Sleep is must as it is Ramadan and we are getting on and off sleep, got some beauty sleep with my bestie Krish. Post prayer I had a small shopping with my new friend named Aman. We really had good time and we bought 2 Abayas. Yes. Soon to post my Abaya pic. So stay tune in my Instagram.

Venue 1: Sharjah Abaya Market

Key note : Grab someone with you, who can bargain.


                                                                                                      Krish, Aman and ME

Evening scene

Venue 2: Filli Cafe

When shopping got over it was already 8.30pm. Back to Dubai and then met my Old Buddy  “9 years of friendship ” Haha he hates it ,when i say that. Here I introduce Mr. Lijo ben all the way from Abudhabi. Thank God I got  sometime with him. A good chat with a cup of chai and millions of stories to share.


                                                                                                     Lijo, Krish and Me at Filli cafe

YES! I had  my outfit changed as I was all wet and tired, when I was done with my shopping. So I decided to change My outfit.

                                                                         outfit 1 : Full Dress with Orange scarf


     I was wearing a Shimmer Ink Blue Scarf , Black Jumpsuit with a Stripped Denim T shirt( my lovely badges ) Brown Anne Klein Handbag

Venue 3 : Mirdiff City Centre

Mmmm weekend without shopping ….Naaahhhhhhhh…….. . I did some small shopping and I did buy some Korean products from Face shop. I got a Hylanouric face mask sheet and Lip Moisturizer sheet. I would soon do a review on them so hang on to the stories Of Instagram account (msbloomingdale)


Venue 4 : Denny’s Dine

Last venue and It was already 1am . We all four were super hungry. So we decided to visit this place at ShiekhZayed Road after crossing water canal. I am sorry I am really poor at being a navigator. We ordered all yummy food and all four ended up Like Non Movable Assets at the restro. Do check my Instagram for the Restro review.


And then ended with snap snap snap………………….

                                                                                      Close up View Of My Blue scarf

Hope you had a Nice weekend With me. Meet you at different venue and at Different place to keep you up thrilled. Love you all. Do support and spread your Love.Your suggestions and comments will make me more happy.

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Iftar Recipes in Less than 15 min

Hi Ladies,

Been a While Eid is Near By and our food cravings are at peek. Just kidding. I am a lazy kind of women so if any thing I would like to prepare within 15 min, I am the Happy Girl on Earth. So here you go Recipe for all wonder women.

I found these recipes on Internet and tried and found it cool. I hope you would love it too..

Spicy Chicken Omelette



Step 1: Whisk eggs and milk together in a small bowl. Spray a medium non-stick skillet with cooking spray. Preheat to medium.

step 2: Pour egg mixture into skillet. Add chicken, onions and  peppers to skillet. As eggs set at the edges, with spatula, gently lift cooked portion to allow uncooked egg to flow underneath. Cook until almost set, about 8 minutes.

step 3 : Sprinkle crushed chili  and cheese on half of the omelette. Fold other half over cheese. Cut omelette in half and serve with Oman chips and sour cream or even Mayo.

step 4: No step 4 GO AHEAD AND EAT

Note: This is a delicate omelette, with a higher than usual proportion of milk, so it may be a bit difficult to fold.


If you wish to learn more . Do let me know.

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Golden olden Face Mask

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Yes, Today i will share the beautiful secret of being a Indian Bride. It is summer and everyone is so worried about getting tan , lifeless,flaky dry skin. So why not a free pamper session under budget at home. Yes, making a turmeric mask for skincare I’m all about easy, budget-friendly ideas for looking your best. First up, a glowing skin turmeric face mask!

Turmeric beauty benefits

  • Turmeric is high in antioxidants that slow down cell damage.
  • It’s widely used as a skin exfoliant and improves skin’s texture.
  • It helps with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, dry skin, psoriasis and eczema.
  • It helps reduce pigmentation and even out the skin tone.
  • It is also said to diminish wrinkles.


  • Make your own turmeric face mask

    1. Mix flour, turmeric, honey and milk to make a paste

  • 2 tablespoons of flour. You can use regular flour, rice flour or ground oats if your skin is dry.I personally prefer yogurt as i have a  combination skin
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 3 tablespoons milk. You can also use yogurt to fight acne.
  • A few drops of honey

2. Apply a thin layer to your face and let it dry for 20 minutes

3. Rinse off in the shower, scrubbing gently to remove.

4. Apply your favorite moisturizer.



so what you ladies think !Do not worry about staining it would go off if you wash your face and make sure you apply a thin layer on your face. I have personally tried this mask and It had did wonders on my skin. I will sure post my turmeric face mask pic in my Instagram. Do follow me their and show your lovely support. (Instagram Id : msbloomingdale

Love. cheers.Peace











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I Miss them Dad

love-between-dads-and-their-daughters-snezhana-soosh-1Love does not come from expensive gifts or loud declarations, but rather from small everyday moments.

Why things had to change so fast? Things have changed now. we have changed now.

I don’t know why i had grown up so fast. I still remember this feeling when daddy used to throw me up in the air, my stomach would tickle me and a childish, innocent laugh would fill up the air. Can i have them now! Because I miss them Dad. I had never got those after that.

I still remember . The sound of Your scooter and  unlocking the apartment’s door and I came running with excitement, cheering “pappa came” to see what have you had got for me to eat. Every single day. Can i have them now! Even though i had grown up to my own choice of selecting my junk food, I don’t enjoy these foods. There is only food and no Love.


How much greedy and selfish I was, I asked you a Huge Teddy bear , I still remember you got me a Small one Because you dint have enough money . I was disappointed but now I want the small one back. I am not as Happy as one i was before. I feel sorry for making you spend you hard earned money on those silly stuffs.

I still remember the day when you were admitted in hospital having a Chest pain.I was so worried about you that I spent most of my time there watching you, Now regretting being so rude and an awful Child. Can i make up for my mistakes and make you happy Dad!


What had happened dad? Remind me, I can’t remember.
We grow apart after those fight and Rude conversation with you. I had to fight with you for  not letting me allow to wear dress of my choice.Sorry Dad, I dint knew you tried to  grow me up Decent .
Each year this gap gets wider and wider.
 I started growing up. Is that a mistake!
I wonder how you are so patient, I’m afraid I had caused you pain, so much pain ! Hadn’t I ? Please allow me to correct my mistake.You’re the most caring, successful, lovable parent any one would wish for.
I’m sorry for replying every smile with an angry face, I’m sorry for every family outing I ruined fidgeting my gadgets
I’m sorry for each time I said you why cant you learn stuffs , when every time you call me for Help
you’d heard me I know that. but you’re so forgiving I LOVE YOU.
Sorry for the headphones I put whenever you’re around.
Sorry for Locking my door when you were at home.
Sorry for Being a Rude, cold and being so rough on you.
Sorry for Not taking you out when You no longer had a scooter to travel
Sorry for not spending time with you , when I knew you had none to talk to
I miss those rub on my back with your soft, gentle hands I promise.
whenever i am back home you’re at the kitchen now making me a cup of tea, you know I’ll say no thanks you know I’ll complain about hating the tea and needing Nescafe instead.
But no you’re guessing wrong this time, I’ll try to be a faithful Kid.I realized my mistake
oh dad ! I miss you.
Thanks for the numerous fix-it jobs you’ve done for me over the years and for the many hours of laughter you given me.Thank you for being the most awesome Dad who I love so much.Thank you playing with me when you had plenty of work. There isn’t a time in my life that you haven’t been there for me
I do really miss you and it’s tearing me apart for not being able to telling you so.

Picture courtesy : Soosh

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Hunger Hunt of the week

Hey Foodie,

yes, we are back with yet another restro which would soon be my  Hidden Gem. This time time for Dubai. Newly opened and decently crowded enough with some spacious Indoor and enough outdoor space.

Couple of days back me and my Partner in crime had a debate in the car about food. And we had a  very little time left out as we were nearing 12 in the weekend. Now on the JBR road with all confusion we had our zomato as a guide yet couldn’t come to a conclusion. suddenly popped out ” Downtown cafe ” . Yup we decided and mutually came to a conclusion and landed straight to Karama. Time 11.20 pm.

OK. Honestly we couldn’t find anything in zomato as all were praising the food but not in particular what to try out. The menu was Lil confusing yet convincing as ,i was impressed with the presentation of the Menu. so after 15 min of wandering eyes between the menu, pricing and the interior we called out for Assistance. we decided what to have for the night. Chicken zinger burger/ beef burger, Chick la we (not sure of the name ) but it was one of their specialties Dishes and we ended up with some HOT SIZZLING BROWNIE .

so Let’s rate them

Ambience : Excellent.

service : Good (Nothing out of the box)

Family room : no (VIP Area i guess so )

Buffet :nope

Non-veg : yes

Bar : NO

cost : 70 for Two person


Special : Been only once but heard their Milk shakes and smoothies are extraordinary


so Chicken , beef burger was Normal extra add on was some broccoli. CHICK LE WA was a out of box as this was fulllllllllllll of Chicken in fact it was sauced up with Avocado bedding and cheesy topping. You would be drooling i Know. Sizzlers brownie was Mouth watering as it would a fountain of molten chocolate and vanilla scoop. Taste bud was fighting between the Hot and Cold fillings. Our bill came up to our surprise it was 95dhm only. Now it just not fill our tummy but our Hearts too… Loved it.

Must try for sure. Do visit with your family and if so please try something different and let me know.







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Travel Tips and Hacks

Hello Folks,

It is Going to be Winter soon and I am more than excited because of My Vacation.  That Month of the year before your Delivery due , wedding, Birthday and YES ” VACATION ” Aren’t they special ! So Yes, today we will discuss different Hacks and Tips for saving your precious time and money while you are in that Excitement of meeting your loved ones.



These are some of the tricks i  have tested and I  Love to follow these religiously for every short Road trips to long staycation



 TO do list


It might sound like an Old Grandma recipe note but yes everyone,this one like is a lifesaver. so whenever you feel like you need to do something before vacation or reminding yourself to take something for your loved ones, please write it down in your to do list and Hang it or stick back of your main door. so every day you would end up noting down something or the other on that note. Ultimately, you are going to add on strike it out when you have done those do list.A mobile app like Packing Pro can also allow you customize packing lists and add reminders.

Packing Jewellery:


We all want to look glamorous on our travels, but packing jewelry can be a huge pain. No one wants to spend their precious travel time detangling their favorite necklaces or searching through toiletry bags for a lost earring. so My favorite Hack is you could invest on the cheaper version of multiple storage cases and For the chain jewellery Save your jewelry from tangles and knots by slipping a straw through the ends of dainty. I am damn sure you may not be new to this Hack. Google it and Learn it today.

Makeup packing hacks :

Make packing that bag a piece of cake. These tips could potentially change your life or at the very least, your luggage space specially for your Makeup products


1.Fill the straw with skin care products and seal them using lighter at both the ends

2.Old sun glass cases can be reused to store chargers

3.Use a clip to protect your razor blade

4.Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation

5.Use earbud to scrap some eyeshadows and secure it in a  small zipper case. ollaaa!! you are done.

Other Tips and Hacks

  • To maximize the space in your suitcase, roll your clothes.  This ensure you have more room and also your garments will  have less wrinkles. Another pro tip is to fold similar items together to avoid creases, such as two pairs of pants or skirts.
  • choosing your clothes wisely.For women, dresses are a good inclusion as they are easy to wear during the day and then can be dressed up at night. For men, a wrinkle-free pair of chinos or jeans will also do double-duty for day and night.
  • Shoes they need a lot of room in your suitcase, so Only bring the shoes you will need to avoid unnecessary bulk and weight in your suitcase. And use the space in your closed toe shoes to roll underwear or socks to avoid shoes getting crushed and also to create more room in your luggage.
  • Last but not least If you are traveling with multiple gadgets, take a power board to charge your appliances as there is usually only one electrical outlet in hotels or cabins, as well as an electrical converter and adapter for the country or region you are traveling in. Bring extra batteries for any battery powered items.

So guys Hope these  Tips and Hacks might help you for the upcoming staycation and If you would like to add any other  tips do share in the comment box below.

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Love & Cheers,


These are last week cherishing memories

We went on to a sports Bar for watching a football match And I wore a black plain deep neck top with a short stripped cropped palazzo with Just Cavalli scarf. I did Accessorize it by going on with a stone studded statement neck piece and My fav Nerdy Glasses.

My way to office with my Black Long sleeve cardigan and a Leopard print Hijab. It’s Autumn season but still Dubai can never go out of those sunny days so I matched with a gradient tint New Look sun glass




Dress up Butter cup

Hi all,

Now it’s my second day in WordPress, i am excited to share you all my next topic for today. Making your own fashion statement is something we all Love to do. I will show you my weekly Love for dressing up for different outings. Some tricks which i follow in order to make my own statement.

so Last month , I had a engagement party to attend , shopping and just chilled out with friends. so will show you how i dressed for all these occasions.

I am not a person who falls for brand. If i like it and i think it will suit my body shape, then i go for it. I concentrate more on color, texture or prints and material of the cloth.

I love  fashion accessories my dress a lot. My mantra is always accessorize a simple dress and you can just get that expensive look even in a simple plain black dress. so here you go with my different love for colors and I love my Hijab. So that is the piece of message.

Places i Love to shop : H& M, Forever 21, New look, splash, Max, local Indian market for all kind of traditional wears.

Traditional shopping wear


Engagement party

If you would have noticed in all pics i have worn a statement neck piece. Yes, That’s how i fashion accessories and  how i add my pinch of style, spice up  the look. In fact, i wear same dress with different neck piece, hair style and handbags. so Hope you liked my piece of style and Fashion that i follow.

Love & cheers

❤ ❤ ❤