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Am I your Type of Wo(w)men?

Hello All,

I know it has been a Long break from all My activities was  quiet on  a snooze mode for some of My social activity. Now back to track taking you on a ride with me on this special day . Yeah Women’s days. yeah , I had a great vacation and it was all about Mom s food and Family time.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”

NOOOOO!!! I am not going to talk about women. i am going to Help those poor guys to sort their state of confusion.

The truth is behind every successful women is Herself.


Although I strongly believe each person is responsible for his/her own happiness. Let us talk about some women I know whom you might Like to relate to. I am not going to talk about successful women but types of women who is around you. They are all wow in one or the other kind. so Let see who are these Ladies form Our House and Guys


Women A ” FOREVER SINGLE “ I am a  single girl being asked out and dating is a whole new world. There is no mystery anymore, and frankly it is just too easy.  I am not into relationship I am keeping it superficial.


women B ” Marriage Material “I am brought up in a traditional, proper, and loving family I often go to my Father for advice. The way he treats my mother and acts as the head of the household is remarkable. she wil be like am going to find my guy when my parents points out to one. Perfect one to raise your child.


Women C  “Romantic deal “ To her romance is when a man goes out of his way to introduce himself to you, is proud to have you by his side, and when he believes he is lucky to have you in his life. And the same goes for the woman. She too must appreciate the man she is with. There must be a mutual respect. I have a deal kind


Women D A “party girl” is any woman who loves to party.  This can actually mean many things.  Some party girls love to just have a good time – which may or may not include drinking and/or having sex.  Having a date or girlfriend who is a “party girl” is not necessarily bad – it really depends upon how YOU feel about how she acts.


Women E “High Maintenance” can mean many things.  Sometimes the term “high maintenance” is used synonymously with what I later refer to as a “showgirl”, also known as an “attention whore”.  “High maintenance” refers to a woman who requires you to expend a lot of money and/or effort in order to make her happy ..


Women f ” Psycho” – that one word says it all.  It means completely nuts.  Psycho women will do things that are completely crazy …  Sometimes they are violent. Sometimes they break things or throw things.  Sometimes they scream and yell.  Sometimes they do outrageous things like vandalize your car, or embarrass or harass you at work.  They might even threaten you or your new girlfriend.  You get the idea.


women G “stalker” is a little more detailed – I would describe a stalker as someone who is constantly concerned with where you are, what you are doing, and what you are thinking.  A woman stalker will always want to talk to you … so she will call you often.  Kind of their Love.

jealous girlfriend

Women H” Religious “First let me say that I by no means intend to offend anyone by what I’m about to say about religious women.  I am highly in favor of religion. they can take you Heaven in words.

Women I ” The Boss”You probably know this – but just about ALL women really want to be “the boss”.  Some want to be the boss in bed, others want to be the boss with the children, or maybe just in certain situations – others want to be the boss at all times!  The challenge that we men face is to let them THINK they are the boss, when in fact we know that we men are really the boss, right?  Isn’t that the key to a successful relationship?  I’ll come back to that question.  For now – what does “the boss” really mean here in the context that I’m using it?   It refers to a woman who needs to think that she is the one in control of the relationship.


Women J Jealous “Now you can come crashing back to reality with an image that is all too often total reality … that of a jealous woman.  Almost all women are jealous to some extent – some more than others.  Some women are so jealous that it overwhelmingly defines their personality, and their behavior toward you.  Women can be jealous of other women, or the potential of other women possibly wanting to be with you.  Or they can be jealous of EVERYTHING that takes your attention away from them.  They can be jealous of your friends, your family, your job, and your hobbies.  So jealousy is not just limited to your interactions or potential interactions with other women – it can possibly encompass many things.


But men out their trust me you might Hit a Jackpot one day with all the qualities you wanted and you would propose her irrespective of what category she might fall  .

Ladies “so Never believe you don’t matter or aren’t worth it. You’re a once in a lifetime woman.” And these all type of girls will be around you in form of any relationship. Be with her and accept her how she is. They are not bad they are what they are.



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I Miss them Dad

love-between-dads-and-their-daughters-snezhana-soosh-1Love does not come from expensive gifts or loud declarations, but rather from small everyday moments.

Why things had to change so fast? Things have changed now. we have changed now.

I don’t know why i had grown up so fast. I still remember this feeling when daddy used to throw me up in the air, my stomach would tickle me and a childish, innocent laugh would fill up the air. Can i have them now! Because I miss them Dad. I had never got those after that.

I still remember . The sound of Your scooter and  unlocking the apartment’s door and I came running with excitement, cheering “pappa came” to see what have you had got for me to eat. Every single day. Can i have them now! Even though i had grown up to my own choice of selecting my junk food, I don’t enjoy these foods. There is only food and no Love.


How much greedy and selfish I was, I asked you a Huge Teddy bear , I still remember you got me a Small one Because you dint have enough money . I was disappointed but now I want the small one back. I am not as Happy as one i was before. I feel sorry for making you spend you hard earned money on those silly stuffs.

I still remember the day when you were admitted in hospital having a Chest pain.I was so worried about you that I spent most of my time there watching you, Now regretting being so rude and an awful Child. Can i make up for my mistakes and make you happy Dad!


What had happened dad? Remind me, I can’t remember.
We grow apart after those fight and Rude conversation with you. I had to fight with you for  not letting me allow to wear dress of my choice.Sorry Dad, I dint knew you tried to  grow me up Decent .
Each year this gap gets wider and wider.
 I started growing up. Is that a mistake!
I wonder how you are so patient, I’m afraid I had caused you pain, so much pain ! Hadn’t I ? Please allow me to correct my mistake.You’re the most caring, successful, lovable parent any one would wish for.
I’m sorry for replying every smile with an angry face, I’m sorry for every family outing I ruined fidgeting my gadgets
I’m sorry for each time I said you why cant you learn stuffs , when every time you call me for Help
you’d heard me I know that. but you’re so forgiving I LOVE YOU.
Sorry for the headphones I put whenever you’re around.
Sorry for Locking my door when you were at home.
Sorry for Being a Rude, cold and being so rough on you.
Sorry for Not taking you out when You no longer had a scooter to travel
Sorry for not spending time with you , when I knew you had none to talk to
I miss those rub on my back with your soft, gentle hands I promise.
whenever i am back home you’re at the kitchen now making me a cup of tea, you know I’ll say no thanks you know I’ll complain about hating the tea and needing Nescafe instead.
But no you’re guessing wrong this time, I’ll try to be a faithful Kid.I realized my mistake
oh dad ! I miss you.
Thanks for the numerous fix-it jobs you’ve done for me over the years and for the many hours of laughter you given me.Thank you for being the most awesome Dad who I love so much.Thank you playing with me when you had plenty of work. There isn’t a time in my life that you haven’t been there for me
I do really miss you and it’s tearing me apart for not being able to telling you so.

Picture courtesy : Soosh

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We are Single working Men

Good Evening All,

Yes Ladies!  

This one is about a man, may be your friend / colleague or even your younger or elder brother  or man whom you may be dating.

 We girls know we have been surrounded by plenty of men with different lifestyle but this one is about Their secret sneak peek . No, I am gonna talk about what you Girls are imagining rite now. No Blush! 🤣 This one is about a man who is between the age of 25 to 30. This one from tales of my guy friend . I felt this is what all men undergoing so Let us have a small walk and Talk with this Guy friend of mine. 

imagesMr.X.Single  Handsome 5.6 FT Guy with a slight curly hair, well  groomed, Earning for life ,lives in a joint family. His day never started with a coffee or a tea. WHAT !!!! 😱 friends was everything” Was” . Been more than couple of years with this guy friend. so as all other men  just as conflicted, confused, bewildered, and wanting-to-be-happy-in-love-and-life as women are. we’re all people, with a lot of the same wants and needs, even if our genders are different.😉. He is single. I have seen his party Life, Friday nights, His Laugh will make you laugh as well only when he is drunk or else you may need to pay him to get to see that laugh back.

He is under an impression like ” you Girls are lucky”. yes Girl. I know you Disagree to this. But i need to agree because I know what pain he is undergoing.

At his Best buddy wedding  I asked him ” Why aren’t you getting married yet? You are settled, Handsome.”Unsure of what I meant, exactly—compliment or insult; I felt like awkwardness to a situation that He  felt a bit strange. He gave a sign of sigh . He answered me  ” It’s not my time yet”.

My mind voice “Men have a shorter life span than women, which creates a pool of single men past the age of 30 that is significantly smaller than that of their female counter parts”When he told i was able to figure out that  He was that one of the guy who wanted to  live by himself in adulthood, who became used to living in a certain way. who become, worst case, interactable, but the negative side is that he has not given an opportunity to figure out what he likes, what he wants, and also work towards achieving it on his own—education, career, self-actualized life. That’s wonderful He dint do anything because He is bought up in a so called orthodox family .


so one day i made him  answer my question in order to make him realize that MAY BE HE NEEDS SOME OPTIMISTIC PERSON LIKE  ME TO TALK TO and why his he living so low life .I told him prior that i wanted to ask him something.

we took a chai and we parked the car and stood outside the car. He was leaning towards me and  took his Cigar , lit it up and looked at me . His look  was a hint for me to shoot my questions. 

I asked But y? 

Mr. X replied, my dear I am not the same person who was  at my 21. I am at the age of battling where the hell I want to settle down, Confused with whom to spend rest of my life, Fighting to find my own self, Finding time for me to escape and get that time of my own. Yes, I am kind of boring.Oh right . The truth is when more than half of my friends got girlfriends and being busy.That is when i realized that working 6 days a week is really fucking tiring. A beer and the couch VS a night out on the town with my girl that involves spending money, Time and attention… A beer and the couch wins. And i was jaw drop 🤷🏿‍ .


Hey You have a Girl friend ? ” 

Mr. X was like with a small smile “yeah, but after college, having a girlfriend isn’t all that bad. I mean, it’s someone to make you dinner, clean up after you, and take care of you. Not to mention, a lot of my friends are like wifed up already on… His answer was like 🤞🏾 .”How did you met her?” Mr.X was like ” It was a hunt”Mid-20s guys might not admit that they’re on the hunt, but they constantly are. 

so you are settled. Aren’t you.” How wealthy are you ?” 

Wealthy. With a sarcastic yet a naughty smile.He was like ” Guys in college drink beer out of cans. Guys in their mid-20s drink beer out of bottles. Cheers 🍻 “


” What is wrong with your fashion? Are you bored dressed up with those Ripped jeans? 

He looked at this formals. He said after college, guys start dressing like real people. No more ripped t-shirt, jeans, and old sneakers combo at the bar. They wear button downs and dress shoes. It’s like when did we start caring? . We no more like to be dressed up freak and want to look matured , Decent and clean. “

why dont you hit the gym? 

He giggled and told me “My dear girls! our body is going to change. Whether its due to having children or not having enough money for a gym membership, you’re not always going to look 20. Your body is supposed to change, just like everything else in life does.”

” How about you in your present relationship ? 

“Yes. I am serious. men like me. we  get to know some of them and genuinely care about them. However, that doesn’t mean we are not going to fuck them over. We wil. Unless we think we’re not going to marry you, we’ll cheat, we’ll lie, we won’t call you back. The difference between Men’s emotions in college: we actually feel bad now. “

How Open are you with your family?” 

” Zero. Actually I find no time for them. And they got enough of me. so they stopped caring for me. It’s some where like i Live in a House of wax . Neither i show emotions nor them. so i prefer living and spending more time outdoor and I just come home to stay over night everyday. You know you live for free and eat for free a while.” He went silent for a moment.


But aren’t you living in a joint family. Isn’t that cool !. 

He told that it was cool when he was small but at the adolescent age It’s a nightmare. “You can no more  walk with your boxers, no more time alone in closed rooms, No more shirtless Looks, No more Split up legs on sofa, No more roaming around home with towels, No more coming home in midnight you know other are sleeping. And no more fun talks because it may not sound funny to others.”

So are you Happy?

 I have no choice .I am born to take responsibility. I am born to take pressure not to cry on the burdens. yes, I am a single working Man with a big smile. His smile meant that After the storm he is expecting  a silence . I gave a sigh look and Mr. X looked at me told this is not just my life but all the men at my age. This would be life, This would be the life forever from the age of 25 onward crucial period tensed about My future wife,  building my own house, Clearing my debts, Convincing my parents to take the girl of my choice, saving some money, making my parents happy ans so on.


I was like so you are not Happy rite 😔 and he asked me that whether i am done with my cup of chai. I told yes. Then the Reply he gave me made me feel low on myself because what i thought was a prejudisatiom of  the person ,whom i knew these years and that moment i felt pessimistic. He threw the chai cup and turned towards me” I choose  to be Happy. Am happy 😊 am in the age where your mother can no longer be responsible for your choice of clothing, Whether its playing or watching, you can do what you want. No more being made feel guilty for cancelling your big show.Not everyone is going to like you and if you think that it’s possible to be universally liked, you will kill yourself trying. I am going to fall on my face multiple times. This could be from a relationship or job or Finance really anything, but it will happen. You have to brush yourself off and learn from your mistakes.I found my person, she is perfect to me but aren’t going to be perfect for my family. Your relationship or marriage will be hard sometimes. It isn’t about thinking someone is perfect; it’s about knowing that they are perfect for you. You need to marry your best friend, not your “dream” man or woman.And i am gonna marry one. Probably you going to see me like a different person after  years and . It’s most important that you remember who you are in your heart. Love freely. Move towards your dreams. Accept imperfection and realize that life will get messy, but it’s a beautiful mess and it’s all yours.”


so while driving back i felt this is what all men choose to be even though they are like under pressure always. They choose to be one smiling around with a bottle of Beer or a chai with friend like me. This Guy friend of mine changed my perception towards the “SINGLE WORKING MEN” and He is optimistic by Birth 😊😊😊


Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear all,

Thought of writing this since so long , was looking for  a right time and right platform. The year coming to end and looking forward to 2017. Let us start with a lovely Note . When ever, i sit with my mom she used to talk about plenty of stuffs .But this one topic, she would talk to us from bottom of her heart.That is how to behave as a good daughter in law when they end up giving us to Another family. so today this would be a shout out from all mother’s to the New bee family.

Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear Another Mother,

Hope you are doing Good. I am Excited that we are going to be one single family. Equally scared as well. This pretty cute Little smiley girl ,whom i am sending to your Home is our pride, our precious, our wealth, our everything. when she will be married, she is barely in her twenties and for every girl at this age, Marriage is fun, clothes, jewelry, shopping, honeymoon and enjoyment.  she would dream of a house of her own which she would beautify in the style she fancy; she dreamt of a life where she would feel liberated and uncontrolled and where she would actually work as a grown up; she dreamt of a life where she would take her own decisions and to be honest, she dreamt of a life which would be like “MY LIFE”


                  But ,I have taught her not to expect the life to be a bliss. I have prepared her for the betterment, for the worst, to adapt like a water to take any shape and behave like a sea shore who can only whisper.This doesn’t mean the new home can be a Nightmare but letting her know that it is another life. she would start her New life with her habits changed for life. Because she is no more only mine. she was my and papa’s princess whose each demand was fulfilled earlier than raised. she was free to do whatsoever she wanted…and we had confidence in her that she won’t do anything immoral. But why…then one day…when she was married she should not feel like she is separated from me and  let her to a enter a new world.

               Now I am letting her to hold the hands of the man of her choice. The man whom she is considering Honest, Humble, Handsome and who I think will take care of her like we do. she is entering into  the world of strangers where the lone connecting link will be your son her husband. we are going to love him  a lot because what my daughter will reflect the happiness what he gives to her. I must believe that when she is  marrying your son, it means he is already mature enough to take his own decisions..He will be respected and treasured  from our  bottom of My heart.…just like my Husband. And so…somewhere…I am seeking my Husband, her father in your son.


              We give her the confidence that she would be treated like your own daughter, she will be given importance while making decisions, her words would matter. I have promised her that  “you would be Another mother ” . Yes! My Daughter gets tired, pissed off sometimes, her mood might go low, She may not tolerate pain when she is on her first day of the month, she needs help from elders like us sometimes,she might act foolish, crazy, she might dress up too casual in walking around with her pajamas and messy hair, she might add up little more spice or salt to the food nor burn out couple of  chapatti.



But I promise you she will be a wonderful daughter other than few flaws. I dint grew her up flawless, I had  punished her when she committed mistakes and have convinced her with few lovable words. Hug Her, when she makes good food for you, you dont know that she had never ever entered kitchen in my house. she loves talking a lot  but now i have prepared her to listen more to you, do have a chat with her casually. Religion was not forced into her but I have taught her what is required, you could teach her more as well. Give her sometime to rest on and have her time, you never knew she had spent hours in my home . she had kept her door closed and had her  sleeping moments. Allow her to take decisions but if she is wrong ,do tell her . I have taught her to listen and analyze any situation after all she is grown up and matured woman.

           “She is looking for me in you ” and i have promised her that you could even be more better and loving than me. In Sha Allah

              As in this modern world i dont want my daughter telling me that why  son is intended to be with his mother for his entire life and My girl cries for the need of the lap of her mother. I believe in you and your son. I have grown my daughter like how  you had grown up your son. Take care of her.


I here by full heartily giving away my precious little princess to your Home. May she pass all Happiness, wealth, Health, Good manners, Your future generation into your Home. Please provide her all necessities as she is no more mine but Ours.


                                                                                                                                 yours Lovingly,

                                                                                                                          Mother of your Future Daughter