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Tips for organizing Hijab wadrobe

Dear Hijabis,

Okay.Organizing your scarves doesn’t have to be difficult. I personally can be a bit lazy at times, so hanging my hijab’s isn’t a good option for me. I also cant stand not finding things or having wrinkles that I have to iron out, so throwing them all in a bin just wont work and another thing is searching Hijab Pins when you are getting ready for work. so let us solve both the issues.


Hijab pin is an elegant way to secure your expensive scarf. Other than holding the hijab in its place, it gives each hijab an unique identity to suit each and every occasion. However, you would find it harder to organize them properly for effective access. Some helpful tips that can help you in this regard is given here,

  • Large pill boxes or utility boxes make good storage spaces. By using them, organizing your pins would not be very difficult.
  • Pincushions are one of the better ways to stick your pins. If you do not have pin cushions at your home, try inexpensive stuffed toys. But it is necessary to keep them away from your children.
  • Sticking your pins into a small bar of moisture free soap would make sure that your pins remain sharp and prevent them from getting rusted.
  • Replace your hijab pins and accessories frequently. Otherwise, blunt or rusty pins could damage the hijabs.
  • If a berry headed pin has lost its color or you got bored of its original color, apply a suitable colored nail polish on their heads.
  • Magnets can come in handy for picking pins up and you can also use them to hold your pin while arranging your scarf.


Next struggling to organize your scarf collection? Are you searching through the web to find out some amazing and unique ways to store your hijabs? Then you are at the right place! Rolling them up and putting in the drawers will not be conducive and the technique is too tedious. Here we have provided a  list of some cute and organized ways to display your hijabs instead of keeping them hidden in drawers. Read on!


Shelving units are the ideal option for storing hijabs or scarves! If you have a lot of scarves and wants to maximize the space to store them, then this is a good organizing solution. Roll scarves up and put it in the shelves to make it easy to store and easy to find!


Custom Storage

Add a hijab storage shelf if you are getting a custom closet made. This solution is the most effective and expensive organization tip. The width of each unit must be designed to suit the width of your scarves in mind.


Bins and Baskets

If you are not ready to invest in a piece of furniture, then use small baskets and bins to organize your hijabs. It will be easier for you to find the ones that you are looking for by rolling up your scarves and placing them length-wise in the bin.


Ready-made Hangers

Another great way of organizing hijabs is buying hangers that are already made for hanging scarves or other accessories. You can also re purpose a hanger for trousers and use that to hang and organize hijabs. This is both cost-effective and easy to organize and maintain. Dubaities might get it in IKEA and any Dirham stores.



So any other new ideas for storage? Do share with me.

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The Night walkers “Episode 1”

Hey Loves!

Today we will be on a New Series post called ” The Night Walkers ” Lol. yes, I said it and you heard me. It will be basically a post about my weekends as you all know I work 6 days in a week  . I would never give up on My weekends. I have my bunch of friends and we 5 are partners in crime. so, let me introduce my crazy bunch.



Friday Morning

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!! you got it. Sleep is must as it is Ramadan and we are getting on and off sleep, got some beauty sleep with my bestie Krish. Post prayer I had a small shopping with my new friend named Aman. We really had good time and we bought 2 Abayas. Yes. Soon to post my Abaya pic. So stay tune in my Instagram.

Venue 1: Sharjah Abaya Market

Key note : Grab someone with you, who can bargain.


                                                                                                      Krish, Aman and ME

Evening scene

Venue 2: Filli Cafe

When shopping got over it was already 8.30pm. Back to Dubai and then met my Old Buddy  “9 years of friendship ” Haha he hates it ,when i say that. Here I introduce Mr. Lijo ben all the way from Abudhabi. Thank God I got  sometime with him. A good chat with a cup of chai and millions of stories to share.


                                                                                                     Lijo, Krish and Me at Filli cafe

YES! I had  my outfit changed as I was all wet and tired, when I was done with my shopping. So I decided to change My outfit.

                                                                         outfit 1 : Full Dress with Orange scarf


     I was wearing a Shimmer Ink Blue Scarf , Black Jumpsuit with a Stripped Denim T shirt( my lovely badges ) Brown Anne Klein Handbag

Venue 3 : Mirdiff City Centre

Mmmm weekend without shopping ….Naaahhhhhhhh…….. . I did some small shopping and I did buy some Korean products from Face shop. I got a Hylanouric face mask sheet and Lip Moisturizer sheet. I would soon do a review on them so hang on to the stories Of Instagram account (msbloomingdale)


Venue 4 : Denny’s Dine

Last venue and It was already 1am . We all four were super hungry. So we decided to visit this place at ShiekhZayed Road after crossing water canal. I am sorry I am really poor at being a navigator. We ordered all yummy food and all four ended up Like Non Movable Assets at the restro. Do check my Instagram for the Restro review.


And then ended with snap snap snap………………….

                                                                                      Close up View Of My Blue scarf

Hope you had a Nice weekend With me. Meet you at different venue and at Different place to keep you up thrilled. Love you all. Do support and spread your Love.Your suggestions and comments will make me more happy.


Questions People Will Ask When You Wear A Hijab

Hello Ladies & Gentleman,

Assalamu Alaaikum!



This post, I guess its for all of those who wants to ask people with Hijab. I have came across this everyday .I was born and raised a Muslim, but was given the ability to discover and explore this religion for myself. I started wearing hijab constantly since a year and so people who have seen me without Hijab always questioned me. sometimes I often get asked strange, sometimes rude, and weird questions. so today i will be sharing those questions and answers of Hijabs. so these were few of them

1. Aren’t you hot with it on?

Yes Yes. I would be even hotter if I took it off. Ha Ha Now you know it . This is one mandatory question .

2.Will your dad beat you if you take it off?

My Dad would beat if i Dress up differently something Body hugging and sexy .Hijab is a personal choice I make every morning when I put it on. No Body would ever lay a hand on me.

3. Hijab should be only in black ?

No, not really. Hijab is a piece of cloth you need to cover up your precious properties that you are gonna let own by your man. It has to be Loose, not transparent and should not reveal your body shape. I personally dont like to be a Display Doll on the streets. Mind it their are many window shoppers out their.



There is nothing in asking question but there are those few people who are completely ignorant and will not listen to what anyone says about things they have been brainwashed into believing. However, there are many  who are thirsty for awareness and understanding or have a genuine curiosity about things they are unacquainted with.

When i questioned them back  people have said they do not want to make us  uncomfortable by asking a weird question or making a comment about something they are not really informed or fully educated about.

Here are the few questions which i like to ask people who are ignorant

Ask me why I wear it. Ask me about my religion and what it tells me about covering my hair. Ask me if it gets hot in there. Ask me if my parents forced me to wear it or if it was my choice. Ask me how I wrap it. Ask me where I buy my scarfes. Ask me what is the point of wearing it. Ask me my opinion on wearing it. Tell me your opinion. Share your thoughts about the cloth that covers my hair. Tell me if you love it or not

When i was in Dubai, even you wont see all wearing Hijab . I found myself with wandering eyes of Beautiful Hijab women with Radiant face.Never had I seen women look so comfortable with themselves. They walked with the confidence , each woman exhibiting such depth of character in their confidence, my mother included, that I now wanted to Reflect their strength too.

so yeah i felt that moment that “My hijab felt like to me not a burden or a veil or a mask; Hijab was my armor.This is what my religion has emphasized”

so my dear Ladies walk with pride ☺🖒




The concept of Islamic clothing


Today we will be discussing on a core topic that is Islamic way of dressing  which leads to  no standards or nothing that Muslims must wear. However, some minimum requirements must be met. I am still learning to dress modestly and I have researched and these into account

More importantly what i learn t in time is, one must be modest in behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public

so let us discuss on it

1st Requirement: What parts of the body are to be covered

For women: In general, standards of modesty call for a woman to cover her body, particularly her chest. The Quran calls for women to “draw their head-coverings over their chests” (24:30-31), and the Prophet Muhammad instructed believing women to cover their bodies except for their face and hands.

For men: The minimum amount to be covered is between the navel and the knee.


2nd Requirement: Looseness

Do not shape it up . I hope you understand what i meant. Never distinguish your shape of the body.Skin-tight, body-hugging clothes are out, for both men and women.


3rd Requirement: Transparency

The Prophet Muhammad once warned that in later generations, there would be people “who are dressed yet naked.” See-through clothing is not modest, for either men or women. The clothing must be thick enough so that the color of the skin it covers is not visible, nor the shape of the body underneath.


4th Requirement: Overall appearance

The overall appearance of a person should be dignified and modest. Shiny, flashy clothing may technically meet the above requirements, but defeat the purpose of overall modesty. example Attraction is the keyword.  EXAMPLE : People complain here in Dubai that women wear Abaya but their makeup pulls all the attraction towards their face. So dear girls keep it a nude makeup. The meaning is true.


5th Requirement: Not imitating others

Women should be proud of their femininity and not dress like men. And men should be proud of their masculinity and not try to imitate women in their dress. For this reason, Muslim men are forbidden from wearing gold or silk, as these are considered feminine do not dress up imitating another famous personalities or another gender.

6th Requirement: Decent but not flashy

The Quran describes that clothing is meant to cover our private areas and be an adornment (Quran 7:26). Clothing worn by Muslims should be clean and decent, neither excessively fancy nor ragged. One should not dress in order to gain the admiration or sympathy of others.

Beyond the Clothing: Behaviors and Manners:

Islamic clothing is but one aspect of modesty. . Dress is only one aspect of the total being, and merely reflects what is present on the inside of a person’s heart.

For more such topics do follow the link below

topic credits :



My Hijab and Hair fall



Fine . I completely understand your problem because i also travel in the same boat. Ladies! we can be Hijab lovers and we actually take care of our hair from pollution, heat, dust but ultimately we sometimes take it for granted. Yes, our Hair  need to breath so let us learn and share some useful tips on how to take care of your Hair form becoming frizzy and lifeless.

The day, I decided to start wearing my Hijab what i noticed was i started taking less care of my hair as you know i am no more flaunting . Lol. So the result is Lifeless frizzy Hair , thinning,Hair fall even a bald spot. I t started sounding like a boring affair for me. ALARMMMMMMMM.

So that was the day i started what change in my lifestyle bought up this root cause for my Hair loss. so i just researched and got some useful tips which honestly helped me.

so that was how my  Hair was looking still was looking healthy


Here are the few Useful tips that we all must have in mind

  • Make sure not to wrap the scarf over your hair tightly. so that we can prevent your scalp from breathing, which leads to dryness, itchiness and future dandruff.
  • Make sure to wear a bandana under your scarf to act as a protective layer if you decide to use any other fabrics like nylon and polyester
  • Try to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or a bun under hijab. Pulling your hair tightly can weaken your hair strands and lead to hair fall.
  • Always try to change the way you part your hair from time to time. This prevents your front hair line from thinning and falling by time. This one i totally agree.
  • Brushing your hair which is also another stuff we tend to fail like me. This is important as blood circulation is must for Hair growth.
  • When you arrive home, it’s always better to untie your scarf immediately and let your hair loose for an hour or two.
  • Massaging your scalp is the best way to maintain healthy hair with hijab, as it stimulates blood circulation and prevents dryness. Make sure to massage your scalp in a circular motion using natural oils daily for five minutes.
  • wash your scarf’s using dettol as i might have accumulated lots of dust, dandruff and sweat

I religiously following all these and i am seeing the effects. Hope none of the above is going to cost us any single penny and all we must do is think about our poor hair under those Scarfs. I Believe this would have been useful for all thsoe beautiful Hijab squads of mine. Love you all….