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I know. I know . It’s Been a long . The reason is that I got engaged recently to my Best friend. Yahoo…… so I was super tensed , super Happy and was super busy with My personal Life.Who ever follows me in Instagram might know by now. And did have posted pics of us. Instagram Link : msbloomingdale.Do need all your blessings. Now let us jump right to the topic.



Perfumes are irresistible for both Ladies and Men. In spite of branded or non branded or designer one. Whatsoever!. All perfumes have a basic way of emitting the fragrance. Places like Middle East  flooded with N number of perfume, oils and more. There are few basic information YOU SHOULD KEEP IN YOU MIND which is must while we purchase a perfume. So first decide what kind of smell you expect from your perfume at the end of the day because that is what your perfume is all about.If you dint get a clear picture yet. Keep reading…

A perfume is made of dozens, even hundreds, of ingredients that merge with each others in the fragrance pyramid to create a unique scent. This fragrance reveals itself in 3 distinct acts, 3 notes that reveal its character, its identity, and will do everything to seduce you…

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so let us know some facts and it is really interesting My ladies….

Have you heard of fragrance Pyramid ?

yes , you heard it rite.


Press the spray, and give in to a first tonic scent… Here is the top note (the top of our fragrance pyramid), made of fresh and volatile ingredients as citrus fruits and aromatics. You will certainly rely on it to choose your perfume, and it lasts from a few minutes up to 2 hours.

Gradually, the middle note appears and replaces the top note. Less explosive, it embodies however the main theme of the perfume and represents its identity and intensity. Made of floral, fruity, green or spicy notes, it will remain on your skin for about 3 hours.

Finally, an intimate scent will gently bind closely to your skin for hours, and even days on your clothes. It is the base note, made of persistent, generous and captivating ingredients (woody, balsamic), which make your fragrance last over and over again, and fix the top and middle notes to give depth to your perfume…


Although resulting from a thorough and precious work, the perfume is not an exact science. Every skin being different, a fragrance perception and time duration vary from a skin to another. This is the magic, the beauty of Fragrance : your perfume makes you unique, and you make unique your perfume…

Please Find guide chart to select/pick the right perfume and apply perfumes in the correct way.




Quick Tips:

  • Perfume notes are basically the order in which you smell the various components of a perfume. They last for different amounts of time, with the the base notes lasting the longest, and the top notes lasting the least amount of time. Pick a perfume which has base notes you like, because that will stay on you for quite a while.

  • In fact, a better idea is to apply moisturizer/Vaseline before applying perfume, so that the scent is absorbed better. Dry skin does not hold fragrance very well, so make sure your skin is hydrated. Moreover, perfume has alcohol which dries skin out further, so it is never a good idea to skip applying hydrating lotions if you are going to wear perfume.

  • Perfumes should not be stored in hot or humid places like bathrooms, as these, especially heat, degrade their quality. Store them in cool, dry spots away from sunlight, to make them last longer.


Do you take the time to discover the top, middle and base notes when you try a perfume for the first time? I am going to try it.






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