Beat the heat

Hello Dubai-ties!

Here we are getting closer to the peak Summer season of the year. All we would like to do it Stay cool and stay calm. But this does not suit to the people who lives in Middle East. The moment you step out all you look for is some shade, sunglass, tissue, handheld battery fans, Perfumes and water. Here are few ways to Beat the heat for this summer. There are few of us who escape by working indoor and a lot stuck outdoor . But no matter how much you enjoy the warmer months, everyone needs ways to cool down when the summer heat rises. There are plenty of ways to find that cool energy and seek cooler experiences without blasting electricity-sucking air conditioning. Here are some natural ways to help you balance your hot summer adventures with cool breezy activities

Stay Away


I mean stay away of outdoor activities if it is possible for you . Yes. The best way is not go out. You can also use circulating fans and limit your use of electrical products. Try opening your windows and using fans to circulate the air if you feel like the air is stagnant and hot.

Dress Light
Wear light colors and breathable fabrics, especially on those scorching days. We suggest cotton and linen. Especially Hijabs ladies opt for cotton as it would absorb sweat as well. Opt for color abaya and colored umbrella.

Essential Oils

Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oil both contain menthol which have cooling properties. Add a few drops to your diffuser at home, or make your own body mist for when you’re on the go.

Make a makeshift air conditioner


If it’s hot but not humid, place a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan and enjoy the breeze. As the ice melts, then evaporates, it will cool you off.This tip is when you are at your home and you still dont feel the Cooling effect.

Some spray that can cool you down


While elephants wet their ears first by blasting water from their trunks, humans should begin with their wrists to quickly cool down the blood flowing through their veins. Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and when the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt. This tip is specially for folks who travel in Bus or walk a little outdoor.

Have a quick shower


Morning and evening go for a quick shower. And turn on the vent in the bathroom. When taking a shower, be sure to use the vent fan: It helps sticky moisture escape.

Eat Cool, Be Cool.
Consume foods that are cooling to your internal systems. Go for sweet and ripe summer fruits, fresh veggies, and foods that are bitter or astringent rather than salty or spicy.

Stay Hydrated


Swig often. To replace the moisture that you lose as you perspire, be sure to drink. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping cool. Avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are dehydrating.


Hope you Loved it. Stay Cool.


Miss Banu




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