Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear all,

Thought of writing this since so long , was looking for  a right time and right platform. The year coming to end and looking forward to 2017. Let us start with a lovely Note . When ever, i sit with my mom she used to talk about plenty of stuffs .But this one topic, she would talk to us from bottom of her heart.That is how to behave as a good daughter in law when they end up giving us to Another family. so today this would be a shout out from all mother’s to the New bee family.

Letter from a “Mother to Mother” in law

Dear Another Mother,

Hope you are doing Good. I am Excited that we are going to be one single family. Equally scared as well. This pretty cute Little smiley girl ,whom i am sending to your Home is our pride, our precious, our wealth, our everything. when she will be married, she is barely in her twenties and for every girl at this age, Marriage is fun, clothes, jewelry, shopping, honeymoon and enjoyment.  she would dream of a house of her own which she would beautify in the style she fancy; she dreamt of a life where she would feel liberated and uncontrolled and where she would actually work as a grown up; she dreamt of a life where she would take her own decisions and to be honest, she dreamt of a life which would be like “MY LIFE”


                  But ,I have taught her not to expect the life to be a bliss. I have prepared her for the betterment, for the worst, to adapt like a water to take any shape and behave like a sea shore who can only whisper.This doesn’t mean the new home can be a Nightmare but letting her know that it is another life. she would start her New life with her habits changed for life. Because she is no more only mine. she was my and papa’s princess whose each demand was fulfilled earlier than raised. she was free to do whatsoever she wanted…and we had confidence in her that she won’t do anything immoral. But why…then one day…when she was married she should not feel like she is separated from me and  let her to a enter a new world.

               Now I am letting her to hold the hands of the man of her choice. The man whom she is considering Honest, Humble, Handsome and who I think will take care of her like we do. she is entering into  the world of strangers where the lone connecting link will be your son her husband. we are going to love him  a lot because what my daughter will reflect the happiness what he gives to her. I must believe that when she is  marrying your son, it means he is already mature enough to take his own decisions..He will be respected and treasured  from our  bottom of My heart.…just like my Husband. And so…somewhere…I am seeking my Husband, her father in your son.


              We give her the confidence that she would be treated like your own daughter, she will be given importance while making decisions, her words would matter. I have promised her that  “you would be Another mother ” . Yes! My Daughter gets tired, pissed off sometimes, her mood might go low, She may not tolerate pain when she is on her first day of the month, she needs help from elders like us sometimes,she might act foolish, crazy, she might dress up too casual in walking around with her pajamas and messy hair, she might add up little more spice or salt to the food nor burn out couple of  chapatti.



But I promise you she will be a wonderful daughter other than few flaws. I dint grew her up flawless, I had  punished her when she committed mistakes and have convinced her with few lovable words. Hug Her, when she makes good food for you, you dont know that she had never ever entered kitchen in my house. she loves talking a lot  but now i have prepared her to listen more to you, do have a chat with her casually. Religion was not forced into her but I have taught her what is required, you could teach her more as well. Give her sometime to rest on and have her time, you never knew she had spent hours in my home . she had kept her door closed and had her  sleeping moments. Allow her to take decisions but if she is wrong ,do tell her . I have taught her to listen and analyze any situation after all she is grown up and matured woman.

           “She is looking for me in you ” and i have promised her that you could even be more better and loving than me. In Sha Allah

              As in this modern world i dont want my daughter telling me that why  son is intended to be with his mother for his entire life and My girl cries for the need of the lap of her mother. I believe in you and your son. I have grown my daughter like how  you had grown up your son. Take care of her.


I here by full heartily giving away my precious little princess to your Home. May she pass all Happiness, wealth, Health, Good manners, Your future generation into your Home. Please provide her all necessities as she is no more mine but Ours.


                                                                                                                                 yours Lovingly,

                                                                                                                          Mother of your Future Daughter


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