Questions People Will Ask When You Wear A Hijab

Hello Ladies & Gentleman,

Assalamu Alaaikum!



This post, I guess its for all of those who wants to ask people with Hijab. I have came across this everyday .I was born and raised a Muslim, but was given the ability to discover and explore this religion for myself. I started wearing hijab constantly since a year and so people who have seen me without Hijab always questioned me. sometimes I often get asked strange, sometimes rude, and weird questions. so today i will be sharing those questions and answers of Hijabs. so these were few of them

1. Aren’t you hot with it on?

Yes Yes. I would be even hotter if I took it off. Ha Ha Now you know it . This is one mandatory question .

2.Will your dad beat you if you take it off?

My Dad would beat if i Dress up differently something Body hugging and sexy .Hijab is a personal choice I make every morning when I put it on. No Body would ever lay a hand on me.

3. Hijab should be only in black ?

No, not really. Hijab is a piece of cloth you need to cover up your precious properties that you are gonna let own by your man. It has to be Loose, not transparent and should not reveal your body shape. I personally dont like to be a Display Doll on the streets. Mind it their are many window shoppers out their.



There is nothing in asking question but there are those few people who are completely ignorant and will not listen to what anyone says about things they have been brainwashed into believing. However, there are many  who are thirsty for awareness and understanding or have a genuine curiosity about things they are unacquainted with.

When i questioned them back  people have said they do not want to make us  uncomfortable by asking a weird question or making a comment about something they are not really informed or fully educated about.

Here are the few questions which i like to ask people who are ignorant

Ask me why I wear it. Ask me about my religion and what it tells me about covering my hair. Ask me if it gets hot in there. Ask me if my parents forced me to wear it or if it was my choice. Ask me how I wrap it. Ask me where I buy my scarfes. Ask me what is the point of wearing it. Ask me my opinion on wearing it. Tell me your opinion. Share your thoughts about the cloth that covers my hair. Tell me if you love it or not

When i was in Dubai, even you wont see all wearing Hijab . I found myself with wandering eyes of Beautiful Hijab women with Radiant face.Never had I seen women look so comfortable with themselves. They walked with the confidence , each woman exhibiting such depth of character in their confidence, my mother included, that I now wanted to Reflect their strength too.

so yeah i felt that moment that “My hijab felt like to me not a burden or a veil or a mask; Hijab was my armor.This is what my religion has emphasized”

so my dear Ladies walk with pride ☺🖒




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