My Hijab and Hair fall



Fine . I completely understand your problem because i also travel in the same boat. Ladies! we can be Hijab lovers and we actually take care of our hair from pollution, heat, dust but ultimately we sometimes take it for granted. Yes, our Hair  need to breath so let us learn and share some useful tips on how to take care of your Hair form becoming frizzy and lifeless.

The day, I decided to start wearing my Hijab what i noticed was i started taking less care of my hair as you know i am no more flaunting . Lol. So the result is Lifeless frizzy Hair , thinning,Hair fall even a bald spot. I t started sounding like a boring affair for me. ALARMMMMMMMM.

So that was the day i started what change in my lifestyle bought up this root cause for my Hair loss. so i just researched and got some useful tips which honestly helped me.

so that was how my  Hair was looking still was looking healthy


Here are the few Useful tips that we all must have in mind

  • Make sure not to wrap the scarf over your hair tightly. so that we can prevent your scalp from breathing, which leads to dryness, itchiness and future dandruff.
  • Make sure to wear a bandana under your scarf to act as a protective layer if you decide to use any other fabrics like nylon and polyester
  • Try to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or a bun under hijab. Pulling your hair tightly can weaken your hair strands and lead to hair fall.
  • Always try to change the way you part your hair from time to time. This prevents your front hair line from thinning and falling by time. This one i totally agree.
  • Brushing your hair which is also another stuff we tend to fail like me. This is important as blood circulation is must for Hair growth.
  • When you arrive home, it’s always better to untie your scarf immediately and let your hair loose for an hour or two.
  • Massaging your scalp is the best way to maintain healthy hair with hijab, as it stimulates blood circulation and prevents dryness. Make sure to massage your scalp in a circular motion using natural oils daily for five minutes.
  • wash your scarf’s using dettol as i might have accumulated lots of dust, dandruff and sweat

I religiously following all these and i am seeing the effects. Hope none of the above is going to cost us any single penny and all we must do is think about our poor hair under those Scarfs. I Believe this would have been useful for all thsoe beautiful Hijab squads of mine. Love you all….


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