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Travel Tips and Hacks

Hello Folks,

It is Going to be Winter soon and I am more than excited because of My Vacation.  That Month of the year before your Delivery due , wedding, Birthday and YES ” VACATION ” Aren’t they special ! So Yes, today we will discuss different Hacks and Tips for saving your precious time and money while you are in that Excitement of meeting your loved ones.



These are some of the tricks i  have tested and I  Love to follow these religiously for every short Road trips to long staycation



 TO do list


It might sound like an Old Grandma recipe note but yes everyone,this one like is a lifesaver. so whenever you feel like you need to do something before vacation or reminding yourself to take something for your loved ones, please write it down in your to do list and Hang it or stick back of your main door. so every day you would end up noting down something or the other on that note. Ultimately, you are going to add on strike it out when you have done those do list.A mobile app like Packing Pro can also allow you customize packing lists and add reminders.

Packing Jewellery:


We all want to look glamorous on our travels, but packing jewelry can be a huge pain. No one wants to spend their precious travel time detangling their favorite necklaces or searching through toiletry bags for a lost earring. so My favorite Hack is you could invest on the cheaper version of multiple storage cases and For the chain jewellery Save your jewelry from tangles and knots by slipping a straw through the ends of dainty. I am damn sure you may not be new to this Hack. Google it and Learn it today.

Makeup packing hacks :

Make packing that bag a piece of cake. These tips could potentially change your life or at the very least, your luggage space specially for your Makeup products


1.Fill the straw with skin care products and seal them using lighter at both the ends

2.Old sun glass cases can be reused to store chargers

3.Use a clip to protect your razor blade

4.Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation

5.Use earbud to scrap some eyeshadows and secure it in a  small zipper case. ollaaa!! you are done.

Other Tips and Hacks

  • To maximize the space in your suitcase, roll your clothes.  This ensure you have more room and also your garments will  have less wrinkles. Another pro tip is to fold similar items together to avoid creases, such as two pairs of pants or skirts.
  • choosing your clothes wisely.For women, dresses are a good inclusion as they are easy to wear during the day and then can be dressed up at night. For men, a wrinkle-free pair of chinos or jeans will also do double-duty for day and night.
  • Shoes they need a lot of room in your suitcase, so Only bring the shoes you will need to avoid unnecessary bulk and weight in your suitcase. And use the space in your closed toe shoes to roll underwear or socks to avoid shoes getting crushed and also to create more room in your luggage.
  • Last but not least If you are traveling with multiple gadgets, take a power board to charge your appliances as there is usually only one electrical outlet in hotels or cabins, as well as an electrical converter and adapter for the country or region you are traveling in. Bring extra batteries for any battery powered items.

So guys Hope these  Tips and Hacks might help you for the upcoming staycation and If you would like to add any other  tips do share in the comment box below.

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These are last week cherishing memories

We went on to a sports Bar for watching a football match And I wore a black plain deep neck top with a short stripped cropped palazzo with Just Cavalli scarf. I did Accessorize it by going on with a stone studded statement neck piece and My fav Nerdy Glasses.

My way to office with my Black Long sleeve cardigan and a Leopard print Hijab. It’s Autumn season but still Dubai can never go out of those sunny days so I matched with a gradient tint New Look sun glass




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