Dress up Butter cup

Hi all,

Now it’s my second day in WordPress, i am excited to share you all my next topic for today. Making your own fashion statement is something we all Love to do. I will show you my weekly Love for dressing up for different outings. Some tricks which i follow in order to make my own statement.

so Last month , I had a engagement party to attend , shopping and just chilled out with friends. so will show you how i dressed for all these occasions.

I am not a person who falls for brand. If i like it and i think it will suit my body shape, then i go for it. I concentrate more on color, texture or prints and material of the cloth.

I love  fashion accessories my dress a lot. My mantra is always accessorize a simple dress and you can just get that expensive look even in a simple plain black dress. so here you go with my different love for colors and I love my Hijab. So that is the piece of message.

Places i Love to shop : H& M, Forever 21, New look, splash, Max, local Indian market for all kind of traditional wears.

Traditional shopping wear


Engagement party

If you would have noticed in all pics i have worn a statement neck piece. Yes, That’s how i fashion accessories and  how i add my pinch of style, spice up  the look. In fact, i wear same dress with different neck piece, hair style and handbags. so Hope you liked my piece of style and Fashion that i follow.

Love & cheers

❤ ❤ ❤



4 thoughts on “Dress up Butter cup

  1. I really liked the point you mentioned tat it’s not all about the brand .. it’s all about the material, colour , print & afterall how we look when we wear something.

    I’m in love with the way you dress up..especially the way yu wear the ‘HIJAB’.
    From the bottom of my heart iv never seen someone wearing the ‘HIJAB’ so beaaauttifull like you do..! And the way you choose it colours..brown and what else..evrything look perfect for you..!
    Saw ya pic wearing an ethnic dress without tat ‘HIJAB’ and tat never turned me on..! 😏

    Hats Off lady ..for the style you own..! 🎩

    Liked by 1 person

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